■Exhibition Update

2018. 9.5(Wed)~7(Fri) : Semicon Taiwan 2018

We will exhibit at SEMICON TAIWAN 2018.
Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1&4F
Booth# : N972

■2018. 7.10(Tue)~12(Thu) : Semicon West 2018

We exhibited at SEMICON WEST 2018.
MOSCORN CENTER, San Francisco, California
Thank you very much for many visiting.

■2018. 3.14(Wed)~16(Fri) : Semicon China 2018

We exhibited at SEMICON CHINA 2018.
Thank you very much for many visiting.



7 Challenges to the World's First Technology

1. MONSTER PAC 80‐170℃ Flip Chip Bonding
2. OSRDA Business Model
3. MONSTER DTF Desk Top Factory
4. MONSTER PAC 10um pitch Flip Chip Bonding
5. MONSTER PAC 80℃ Flip Chip Bonding using PET film
6. The world's smallest MEMS wide range pressure sensor
7. Built-in display large sized and clear finger print sensor

■Capital Tie-up with MITSUI & CO., LTD.

MITSUI & CO., LTD. and CONNECTEC JAPAN agreed and signed
Capital tie-up agreement. MITSUI & CO., LTD. paid-in investment fund as of 6th February 2018.

MITSUI & CO., LTD. and CONNECTEC JAPAN share the future perspective that Semiconductor industry will grow rapidly due to emerging IoT development and have common strategy to target growing IoT market.

MITSUI & CO., LTD. and CONNECTEC JAPAN will develop business and create jobs together.

■ICC Summit Fukuoka 2018 Catapult Grand Prix -Winner

At Catapult Grand Prix held on 21st February Wednesday, Mr. Hirata, CONNECTEC JAPAN CEO, won the first place.
At ICC (Industry Co-creation) Summit FUKUOKA2018, 9 past champion presenters participated and had heated competition. The judge selected CONNECTEC JAPAN CEO Mr. Hirata for winner (first place)!

■JVA2018 Prize of Smaller Enterprise Agency’s Director

On 5th February, Monday, Smaller Enterprise Agency held ‘Japan Venture Awards 2018’ and CONNECTEC JAPAN CEO Mr. Hirata ‘and our technology - miniaturization of Semiconductor process and its cost, awarded 'Prize of Smaller Enterprise Agency’s Director'.

■2017. 12.13(Wed)~15(Fri) : Semicon Japan 2017

Thank you very much for your visits.
The number of the visitors reached a record high, over 2,000 visiters.

CONNECTEC Japan specializes in semiconductor assembly business
which is called “OSRDA
OSRDA(Outsourced Semiconductor Research, Development & Assembly)
We have unique low-temperature,
low-load damage-free bonding technology.
We will provide clients a one-stop solution including substrate design,
structure proposal, process development, proto-typing, evaluation,
analysis and mass-production.

Join Our Team Today!

  • CONNECTEC Japan is currently recruiting personnel due to business operation expansion.Please contact us!
    Mail to : recruit@connectec-japan.com
    or call +81-255-72-7020 Hotta/Naito 

■Exhibition Update

2017. 9.13(Wed)~15(Fri) : Semicon Taiwan 2017

Booth #36-4th Floor
 Thank you very much for your visit.

■Exhibition Update

2017. 7.11(Tue)~13(Thu) : Semicon West 2017

Booth #6485 Thank you very much for your visit.
 Our exhibition was the number of the record-high guests.

2017. 3.14(Tue)~16(Thu) : Semicon China 2017

Hall W1, Booth #1528
 Thank you very much for your visit.

■Exhibition Topics

  • 2017.1.19(Thu) : Medical Equipment + AI + IoT Seminar
    Sponsored Fujikin Corp.
    Hirata, our president lectured. Thank you very much for your participation.

  • 2016.12.14(Wed)~16(Fri) : Semicon Japan 2016
    Thank you very much for your visit.


  • CONNECTEC JAPAN participated ‘Niigata BIZ EXPO 2016’ (20th October Thursday and 21st October, Friday. Thank you for visiting our booth.
    (Niigata Biz EXPO)
    *Photos of CONNECTEC JAPAN booth and visitors
    Mr. Samejima who is the role model of the attorney in TV drama, ‘Shitamachi Rocket’ and also legal advisor of the TV drama, visited our CONNECTEC JAPAN booth.


  • CONNECTEC JAPAN participated 'Suwa Area Industrial Messe' 13th October, Thursday through 15th October, Saturday. And displayed 'Rocket model' which was used in the TBS TV drama, 'Shitamachi(Downtown) Rocket' and also presented CONNECTEC JAPAN's technology. Thank you for visiting our booth.

    Our display was introduced in the Shinano Mainichi Shinbun (Shinano Newspaper) dated 27th September, 2016 and 12th October.

    CONNECTEC JAPAN C.E.O. Mr. Katsunori Hirata made presentation entitled 'Challenge for the World's No.1 with Monster PAC technology!' and the donation ceremony of Rocket body model to Suwa City was held in the last day of the exhibition.


  • CONNECTEC JAPAN participated Semicon Taiwan 2016.
    7th September, Wednesday through 9th September, Friday, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 Booth No. 2050

    Thank you for visiting our booth.

Advantages of CONNECTEC Japan

Supporting wide areas of business domain

We will provide total solutions with clients from device and substrate design, proto-typing, reliability test to mass-production. We also provide clients with highly value added services in cooperation with our partner companies and research institutions all over the world.

Corresponding to various kinds and/or types of chip assembly

Our technology is applicable to IoT and/or wearable products using various kinds of substrates. Our low-temperature, low load bonding process can be applicable to any kinds of substrates. Besides, our newly developed desk top type fabrication equipment will well deal high-mix, low-volume kind of production.

Quick turn-around-time

We will immediately answer your inquiry and quotation request from assembling structure/process proposal, proto-typing, evaluation/analysis, mass-production.


We will totally support your requests from assembling semiconductor chips, MEMS chips, surface mounting, module proto-typing, evaluation/analysis, reliability test, mass-production. We will also respond to request from clients in cooperation with our partner companies.

According to the request from clients, we will propose our solutions about concrete structures, design, fabrication process, proto-typing, reliability testing to finally mass-production with one-stop service.

We will answer your various requests. Especially, our core-competence will be low-temperature, low-load damage free packaging called MOSTER PAC, including chip assembly using solder and ultrasonic.

Our major assembly machines are wafer dicer, printing machine, flip-chip bonder. We also have equipment for quality control such as X-ray spectrometer, secondary electron microscope with EDAX, heat-cycling tester and so on. In addition, we can respond your any request in cooperation with our partner companies.

According to the request from clients, we will propose MonsterPAC process which is applicable to various substrates such as ceramic, organic, film-type and so on. We can also provide other various process in cooperation with our partners.

We have developed assembling technologies using many kinds of substrates. We have realized low-temperature, low load damage-free assembly. We are confident to be sure to meet your expectation.