Development and Support

We will support prototyping, evaluation, failure analysis and mass production, comprehensively .

We will totally support your requests from assembling semiconductor chips, MEMS chips, surface mounting, module proto-typing, evaluation/analysis, reliability test, mass-production. We will also respond to request from clients in cooperation with our partner companies.
  • Wide Support
    Connecting with across-Japan technologies
  • Various Assembly
    Low temperature assembly for MEMS.Assembly on film and other substrates
  • Quick TAT
    Quotation within 1 week,Proto-typing with standard process in 1 week

Supporting wide areas of business domain

We will provide total solutions with clients from device and substrate design, proto-typing, reliability test to mass-production. We also provide clients with highly value added services in cooperation with our partner companies and research institutions all over the world.

Corresponding to various kinds and/or types of chip assembly

Our technology is applicable to IoT and/or wearable products using various kinds of substrates. Our low-temperature, low load bonding process can be applicable to any kinds of substrates. Besides, our newly developed desk top type fabrication equipment will well deal high-mix, low-volume kind of production.

Quick turn-around-time

We will immediately answer your inquiry and quotation request from assembling structure/process proposal, proto-typing, evaluation/analysis, mass-production.

Service Procedure in Entrusted Development

According to your request, we will make proposal on concrete structure, design, proto-typing, reliability test and mass-production

Proto-typing Equipment

We have a class 1,000 clean room at headquarters R&D center, enabling wafer dicing, printing bumps, flip-chip bonding. In addition, we have many partner companies to deal with other processes which cannot deal with in-house.

Available Processes

In order to respond to clients various requests, we have not only our original damage free bonding process, but also other processes such as solder and ultrasonic assembly. We will also able to provide reliability testing, and other analysis equipment.