We will exhibit at Smart Sensing 2023 (May 31st to June 2nd)

Our company will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from Wednesday, May 31 to Friday, June 2, 2023.
We will exhibit at “Smart Sensing 2023” with the theme of “Revolution in IoT implementation with the power to change and connect” (booth number: 5D-04).

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As the IoT society progresses, the development and manufacturing of electronic devices are also being forced to undergo major changes. for IoT
Due to the characteristics of electronic devices, sensors are mounted on all kinds of things and data are communicated at high speed.
, products using non-conventional structures and materials, and products for non-conventional applications are rapidly increasing.

For this reason, the development and manufacturing of electronic devices for IoT is shifting away from semiconductors and electronic device manufacturing, which used to be the main
In addition to manufacturers, materials and raw materials industries that are closer to the source, and service industries that are closer to consumers, etc.
There are opportunities for entry from

However, since electronic devices for IoT have a wide variety of structures, materials, construction methods, and quantities,
Conventional semiconductor contract manufacturing business (OSAT: Outsourced Semiconductor Manufacturing) specializing in small-variety mass production
Assembly & Test) is increasing the number of cases that cannot be handled.
For this reason, we will develop products that support a wide variety of electronic devices for IoT and support high-mix, variable-volume production.
There is a need to build a business model that responds to this.

We offer a one-stop contract service from implementation development to manufacturing of a wide variety of electronic devices for IoT.
We are developing a business (OSRDA: Outsourced Semiconductor R&D Assembly).
In the OSRDA business, if it is related to mounting such as semiconductors, MEMS, sensors, etc., please write a memo about your request.
We will listen to you from the idea level, examine and propose specific structures, construction methods, and materials.

At that time, 80 ℃ low temperature mounting (MONSTER PAC®) using conductive paste, which is our core technology
, stud bumps, ultrasonic mounting, solder mounting, etc.
In terms of methods, equipment and materials, we will connect companies with excellent technologies throughout Japan and
We will respond to your request. In addition, the OSRDA business does not have entry and exit restrictions. construction method
From development to equipment development, one prototype, and mass production, we will respond to anything related to mounting.

At this exhibition, in addition to introducing the OSRDA business, we have a large number of consignment development cases in our booth.
We are here. In the wake of your visit, the innovative ideas that everyone is working hard and considering every day
We would be very happy if we could contribute to the further development of implementation development projects.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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■ Date and time
Wednesday, May 31, 2023 to Friday, June 2, 2023

■ Venue
Tokyo Big Sight East Exhibition Hall East 5 Hall (Our booth location: 5D-04)

■ Visitor registration method
Pre-registration is required for this exhibition.
Please register as a visitor from the link on the URL below. (VIP No. 230531)

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■ Lecture information
President Hirata at the “JPCA 60th Anniversary Special Lecture”.
Based on recent IoT market trends, the current state of implementation technology, and future directions
I will give a keynote speech. We hope that many of you will come and listen to our lectures.

Speaker: Katsunori Hirata
Date and time: Thursday, June 1, 13:30-14:15
Lecture title: Revolutionizing IoT implementation with “power to change” and “power to connect”
Lecture Venue: <Exhibition Hall Seminar Venue A> Keynote Speech/JPCA 60th Anniversary Special Lecture Venue
Registration HP:

■ Seminar information
Director and Managing Executive Officer Mr. Ando, the OSRDA
We will present a seminar on specific development cases and business cases.
We would appreciate it if you could listen to our lectures as a way to help our customers solve their daily implementation development issues.
Registration HP:

Speaker: Mamoru Ando
Date and time: Wednesday, May 31, 13:45-14:25
Lecture title: How to fight in the age of high-variety variables “Adding value to semiconductor packaging development”
Lecture venue: <Exhibition Hall Seminar Venue K> Smart Sensing / Unmanned Solution Exhibition / Edge Computing Seminar

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