We devote ourselves into ‘creating new technology’
and contribute to bright evoluation of mankind.

We, CONNECTEC JAPAN love our country and world peace, and wish to contribute to future of world manufacturing through development of semiconductor and electronics components and production technology. We believe that ‘feeling joy for work’ is fundamental virtue of human being and ‘day-to-day work’ is our real joy for life. CONNECTEC JAPAN firmly committed to continue to create ‘joys for work’ and share the joy with many friends in the world. CONNECTEC JAPAN shall keep improving day by day and ‘creating new technology’ for bright future of mankind.

One mind

Our body is different, but our heart is same one.
One mind.


1:Anytime thinking your own idea
2:3B Principle(Best Quality、Bottom Price、Battle Field)
3:User Centric Design
4:Yes, We can!
5:Innovation Today for our Tommorow
6:No excuses!
7:The reason to fight is it in the future.