CONNECTEC JAPAN to exhibit at Smart Sensing 2024

CONNECTEC JAPAN will be exhibiting at “Smart Sensing 2024” at “JPCA Show 2024” to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from Wednesday, June 12th to Friday, June 14th, 2024.


At last year’s Smart Sensing 2023, the global trend of semiconductor packaging using chiplets attracted a lot of attention, and many people with a high interest in the arrival of a new era visited the event.

At the CONNECTEC JAPAN’s booth, we will focus on the following exhibits to show how the makers and users of this new era are evolving.

■Chiplet bonding/2.xD bonding/3D bonding
We will propose optimal structures, construction methods, and materials to meet various requests, such as chiplet packaging of heterogeneous processes that cannot be realized with SoC, and realize customer requests.

■Optoelectronics convergence assembly
Optical communication between devices, modules, and within modules is progressing to transmit high-speed, wide-bandwidth signals.
Please come to our booth to see examples of contracted development for the assembly of photoelectric conversion products that bridge electrical and optical communications.

■High-speed communication
We also undertake the assembly of modules for high-speed communication exceeding 100 Gb/s. We also undertake high-frequency loss and S-parameter measurements.

■ Bonding of various sensing devices
We will propose the optimal bonding method for each type of sensor device. We can also tile sensor devices, which are particularly difficult to create in a large area, by laying them out with gaps of as little as 30 μm, thereby increasing the area of the device through bonding.

We hope that your visit will contribute to the further development of the innovative packaging projects that you are working hard on and considering every day.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our booth.

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■Date and time
June 12th (Wed.) – June 14th (Fri.), 2024

Tokyo Big Sight
Front entrance of East Hall 5

■How to register
This exhibition requires advance registration.
Please register at the link below.

Visitor registration

VIP registration (section manager and above)

■Seminar information
Chairman Hirata and Managing Executive Officer Ando will be holding a seminar.
Please note that to attend the seminar, you will need to register at the URL below.

◆Speaker: CEO and Chairman Hirata Katsunori
Lecture date and time: 2024/6/12 (Wed) 11:35-12:25
Lecture title: “Revolutionizing IoT assembly with the power to change and connect”
Pre-registration URL:

◆Speaker: Director and Managing Executive Officer Ando Mamoru
Lecture date and time: 2024/6/12 (Wed) 13:45-14:2 5
Lesson title: “In the era of high-mix variable production, there is an opportunity to add value to semiconductor post-processing by competing with business models”

Pre-registration URL:

◆Venue: East Hall 3 <Seminar Venue F> SmartSensing/Unmanned Solutions Exhibition/EdgeComputing Seminar/Electronics Component & Unit Show Seminar

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