We will exhibit at SEMICON JAPAN 2022 (December 14-16)

During the period from December 14th (Wednesday) to December 16th (Friday), 2022
In “SEMICON JAPAN 2022” held at the big site,
Booth at “Advanced Packaging and Chiplet Summit (APCS)”
We will exhibit (booth number: 3448).

With the progress of the IoT society, the development and manufacturing of electronic devices is undergoing major changes.
I am under pressure.
Electronic devices for IoT are all equipped with sensors and
Due to the characteristics of data communication with
There is a rapid increase in the number of products that have been used for a long time, and products that have never been used before.
For this reason, the development and manufacturing of electronic devices for IoT has traditionally been the main focus.
In addition to the semiconductor and electronic device manufacturers that have
Opportunities for entry from the material industry and, conversely, the service industry, which is closer to consumers
is born.

However, electronic devices for IoT are
Because there is a wide variety of
Contract manufacturing business (OSAT: Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly &
Test) is increasing the number of cases that cannot be handled.
For this reason, product development corresponding to the wide variety of electronic devices for IoT
And construction of a business model corresponding to high-mix, variable-volume production is required.
I’m here.

Our company develops and manufactures a wide variety of electronic devices for IoT.
One-stop contract business (OSRDA: Outsourced
Semiconductor R&D Assembly).
In the OSRDA business, semiconductors, MEMS, sensors, etc., related to mounting
If it is a matter, ask your request from the idea level of the memo,
We examine and propose specific structures, construction methods, and materials.
At that time, 80 ℃ low temperature using conductive paste, which is our core technology
Thermal mounting (MONSTER PAC?), stud bumps, ultrasonic mounting,
In addition to the use of technology such as solder mounting, we also use construction methods, equipment, and
and materials, we are looking for companies in Japan that possess excellent
We will work with you to meet your needs. In addition, the OSRDA business is an entrance
There are no exit restrictions. From method development to equipment development, one prototype,
We can handle anything related to mounting up to mass production.

At this exhibition, we will display many cases of actual commissioned development in our booth.

We will update the information as soon as the details are decided.

If you would like to visit us, please contact us below.


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