Our CEO Katsunori Hirata took the podium at the Toyama Prefecture Growth Strategy Conference “Happy Toyama” panel discussion.

In August 2009, Governor Nitta announced a growth strategy vision of “10 million happy population, Toyama, an advanced well-being area”.
Together with 10 million people inside and outside the prefecture, we are aiming for a new sustainable development, and as part of that, we held this conference and agreed with the purpose.
I participated in the conference.

What is well-being?
In addition to financial prosperity, being in good physical, mental and social condition.
Specifically, not only external values ​​such as income and health, but also career, etc.
Social position, relationships with people around you, connections with the local community, etc.
Including, to be yourself and live happily.

“Toyama Prefecture Growth Strategy Conference ‘Happiness. Toyama'”
Date: Friday, October 28, 2022 to Sunday, October 30, 2022 14:00-17:10
Location: Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture “Zuisenji Main Hall” and others
Organizer: Toyama Prefecture

“Change starts from the region Startup talks from Toyama” held at this conference

In a panel discussion titled, together with the panelists listed below,
Our representative director, Katsunori Hirata, took the stage.

Sato Seni Co., Ltd. (Yamagata) President Sato
Mr. Hashimoto, President of Komugi Co., Ltd. (Hokkaido)
Rheos Capital Works Co., Ltd. (Tokyo) Mr. Fujino, Chairman and President
andUS Co., Ltd. (Toyama) Representative Director Hirooka
Connectec Japan Co., Ltd. (Niigata) Hirata Representative Director and CEO

Amidst the increasing variety of entrepreneurial styles in the world, the power of digital technology is also increasing the possibility of regional ventures.
Entrepreneur development from Toyama, how to be an entrepreneur, together with entrepreneurs from different industries in each region
I participated in the panel discussion.
It would be my great pleasure if we could continue to connect with you in the future.

To all the panelists and moderators, Toyama Prefecture, the management office, everyone who attended the lecture at the venue and online,
Thank you very much.