Corporate ethical behavior guidelines

In order to contribute to the development of society through our business activities and earn the trust and respect of society, Connectec Japan Co., Ltd. has established the following corporate ethics that the company and its officers and employees should act on.



Our basic principle of conduct is to strictly comply with relevant laws, internal regulations, social norms, etc. in all aspects of our corporate activities.


Co-prosperity with customers

By sincerely attending to the needs of all customers and providing high-quality products at fair prices, we will continue to prosper together with our customers.


Technology and intellectual property

We will strive to develop unique technologies, protect and utilize the intellectual property we have obtained, and respect and not infringe on the intellectual property of others.


Respect for human rights

Recognizing that all people have the right to pursue happiness as irreplaceable beings, we will not tolerate discrimination or harassment based on age, gender, origin, beliefs, physical characteristics, or other personal attributes.


Healthy work environment

We will give due consideration to safety and health in the workplace, strive to improve the health of executives and employees, evaluate executives and employees fairly and equitably, and create a healthy and rewarding work environment.


Fair business activities

We value fair and free competition and maintain healthy and highly transparent relationships with politics, government, etc.


Disclosure of information

We will disclose corporate information in a timely and fair manner to all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, business partners, executives and employees, and ensure transparency in management.


Elimination of anti-social forces

We will eliminate the involvement of anti-social forces in any activity and resolutely confront illegal acts and unreasonable demands.


Corporate citizenship awareness

Always be aware that a company is a public institution of society, and as a member of the local community, work head-on to contribute to society through job creation and environmental conservation.