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140℃ heat-resistant magnetic sensor for battery inspection High density bonding

A 140℃ heat-resistant magnetic sensor is high-density bonded to realize a two-dimensional magnetic sensor array.


Special Stipulations MONSTER PAC® 120°C low temperature bonding

Conventional method 1

Mounting by wire bonding method   ▼ Cannot be implemented in close proximity to the wire direction As a magnetic sensor, it becomes a one-dimensional sensor   ▼ The sensor side or the inspected side (battery) need to move and scan   ▼ Inefficiency

Conventional method 2

Flip chip bonding by solder
Heat-resistant temperature of magnetic sensor chip is 140℃
Solder reflow temperature is 260℃
Sensor characteristics deteriorate
Not implementable

Conventional method 2



Low-temperature and low-load MONSTER PAC®️ 120℃ bonding
Because there is no wire, it can be implemented in two dimensions
Because the bonding temperature is 120℃, no deterioration of the magnetic sensor chip
Full bulk inspection is possible without the characteristic deterioration
High efficiency

※In this case, delivery in five weeks from the first meeting to the customer exhibition