DTF for IoT/IoE

Desk Top Factory

Conventional OSAT factory is heavy industry Line.
The World’s First, Desk Top Factory is most Compact Line!

Wearable and mobile devices, in the aspect of fashion and for releasing a product simultaneously in multiple countries, to coop with each end user’s taste and for various sales strategies, people are looking for ‘high mix, flexible volume’ production system. and production need to meet short turn around time for ‘model change’ and wide varieties of assemble reqirement. with conventional packaging technology, it is difficult to develop small and medium volume production, i.e. there is limitation for material and process, bumps should be formed on wafers in volume. This limitation of packaging process and materails often end up with expensive cost.

CONNECTEC JAPAN answer to the issue with Dest Top Factory and make revolution in Semiconductor assembly. The World’s only technology ‘MONSTER PAC®‘ is low temp/low load, and compact and light weight system by trimming down unnessesary functions of versatile/volume production system.

Desk Top Flip Chip Bonder

Desk Top Flip Chip Bonder

Our desk top factory is not need clean room, and cemical free process.
We can make factory anywhere!

MONSTER DTF Environmental Load

MONSTER DTF Environmental Load
Monster DTF, desk top ‘flip chip bonding system’