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10um fine pitch bonding system FSNIP

Many countries are in a race to develop 5G communication service by 2020. CONNECTEC JAPAN is able to make key device miniaturization for 5G. For that purpose, we are developing connection technology with 10μm pitch, called FSNIP. conventional bonding temperature and Min. pitch. FSNIP development target, shrink chip as 75% possible.

R&D concept 「to minimize 5G product size」

  • 1
    Solution to problems of conventional technology
  • 2
    The world’s first FSNIP
  • 3
    Challenge to the best miniaturizationand cost performance


Conventional solder joint process : min. pitch is 40um. Because solder joint temperature is 260℃. Thermal expansion is big. Wafer process rule can reduce more and more, but die size can not shrink.

The world’s first bump/trace pitch 10μm

Connectec Japan are developing MONSTER PAC®-10um, the world’s first technology, narrow pitch bonding.


FSNIP Development Target

FSNIP Development Target

To shrink chip size to 75%

To shrink chip size to 75%To shrink chip size to 75%

MONSTER PAC® bonding temperature is 130℃.
Min Bonding pitch is 10μm.

MONSTER PAC®-10um can shrink the die size 75%.